Tim Reynolds THE GYM ON SPRINGFIELD is a personal training studio, meaning it is solely for the use of personal training and is not a public gym. How this translates to the clients is a warm, inviting and safe atmosphere to learn about exercise, the working of the body, and most importantly how to achieve the most possible in the limited amount of time our busy lives allow. There is no membership fee, you only have to pay for the hands-on personal attention to help you achieve your goals.

Trainers at THE GYM incorporate a wide variety of methods to achieve maximum results, varying from traditional resistance and free-weight training, cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary program designs, core training, flexibility work, balance training, kettlebell and medicine ball exercises and techniques, resistance band and swiss ball technique, plyometrics and isometric exercises, Olympic lifts and sports specific drills.

The trainers at THE GYM have experience working with all fitness levels, from elite athletes to beginners, and every level in between. Program design includes pre- and post-natal, sports specific training, injury assessment and rehabilitation, muscle building and weight loss.

Learning how to better fuel the body for energy and at the same time achieving our aesthetic goals is a primary focus of the learning process at THE GYM. Clients can choose to work with the trainers through dietary journaling and advice, helping them to better understand the many facets of nutrition, metabolism and the energy stores of the body, specifically how to manage and replenish them.

THE GYM ON SPRINGFIELD is not your typical "Gym" environment that can make it difficult to focus on yourself, your goals or even what you're doing that day. It is dedicated to giving the clients the attention they need to succeed.

Individual Sessions -   $75 for one session purchase
$700 for package of ten sessions

Doubles rates (Train with a friend) -   $65 each for one session purchase
$600 for package of ten sessions